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Mark..... and other four letter words

18 January
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Ye gads, what can one say?
Fifty-something, married, two kids, a mini-van and a mortgage... yeah I'm pretty well dead.
Speaking of dead, I had my own little near death experience 6 November 2004.
Classic blunder of not looking both ways before crossing the street.
Vehicle vs vehicle at an entertainingly high rate of speed. Dunno what happened.
Turned left and the next thing I know I'm in an ER with staples going into my head.

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Date Created:2005-05-05
Number of Posts: 702

markbark is passionate, yet reclusive. A kind of "Wizard of Oz" type, but far less Machiavellian.
Strengths: An over developed sense of justice... it's going to get me into trouble one day.
Weaknesses: A closet romantic dressed in the world weary garb of a jaded cynic.
Special Skills: +4 Bullshit detector General avoidance of any gear with the word "of" in nomenclature.
Weapons: +2 Rapier Wit
Motto: Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici

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